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Moose Hunt Dates/Rates

2017 Moose Hunting Dates:

Week 1: September 24 to September 30 (Peak rut: bow or gun)
Week 2: October 8 to 14 (Post peak rut: gun preferred)
Week 3: October 22 - 28 Cow Moose 

Contact us to swap your cow tag for a bull tag or to change zones. 

OMM specializes in a small amount of WMD’s. This helps us to be able to scout in more detail and for you to be more successful. Our WMD’s are 1,2,3,4,5,6 (please list the zones on your application in the following order: 2,3,1,4,6,5).   BULL ONLY  (During 2015 a law passed to prohibit swaps among tag holders for money.)

WMD Bull-Only Cow Total
2017 Sept. 25-30 Oct. 9-14 Oct. 23-28  
1 150 125 50 325
2 100 100 50 250
3 75 60 50 185
4 125 75 50 250
5 100 25 0 125
6 100 25 0 125
  650 410 200 1260


Scroll down for Rates and Moose Hunt Information

2010 Permits: 3,142
Maine Moose Hunting2011 Permits: 3,830 
2012 Permits: 3,725
2013 Permits: 4,155
2014 Permits: 3,095
2015 Permits: 2,740
2016 Permits: 2,140
2017 Permits: 2,080 

Bag and Possession Limit: One may be taken annually, by permit only. A moose hunting permit is required in addition to a hunting license.

2017  Moose Lottery Winners Hunt:
September - October: Zone 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6;  

Moose Hunting Rates:

Fully Guided Hunt: 2017 season- 6 day hunt at Eagle Lake Sporting Camps or Village $4,295.00; or outpost locations (WMD 1,4,5), $4,995.00 - plus 9% state tax, state tag fee, big-game hunting license.

Includes: unsurpassed pre-season scouting by full-time guide / aircraft. Includes lodging and meals for the permit holder and sub-permittee. Private cabin / inn accommodations in the Village and at the State Reserve property. Outpost camp accommodations may involve shared tents / cabins unless other arrangements are made. Additional observers just $1,000.

Available in select zones: VIP hunts with multiple guides, enhanced scouting, and video. Rates from $5,295 to $10,000. VIP remote hunts from boats and outfitter camps for trophy bulls available at $12,995.

Included: Guide, transportation during the hunt, lodging, lounge, meeting rooms, all meals, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, field dressing of game, transportation to processer and taxidermist, and evening fireside.  

Not Included: Transportation to the lodge, license and tag, ammunition, tips, caping / skinning, meat processing, shipping, and taxidermy. Airport transportation available at $75 per person each way. Airport Transportation to the Outpost Lodge is $150 each way.

A 50% deposit is required to confirm dates. Some trips, arranged more than a year in advance, only require a 25% deposit. In this case, another 25% deposit is due in January the year of the trip.

Terms - Conditions - Cancellation

Auction Tag TROPHY Moose Hunt - 2017

Call us to discuss bidding strategy and details for the 2017 Maine Moose Hunt Auction Tag. Winning bids for 2016 ranged from $13,100.00 to $14,000.00 This is a great value for someone seeking a trophy Canadian Moose!

September - October - November: Zone 2 - 3 - 6; Bull permits: $18,995. (plus tax and license fees) including tag, guide, recovery, and American Plan accommodations; additional observer at $1,000. Arrangements must be made before February 2, 2017. If you happen to also win the public lottery the tag fee is reduced to $584 for non-resident hunters. 

This is a guaranteed tag and a great value compared to Alaska and Canada hunts. We have trophy bulls. You can plan your trip months in advance, drive your own vehicle, and bring home all the meat!

Guaranteed TAGS f
or 2018: 

Get on the waiting list for Guaranteed New Brunswick Lodge Tags - just $2,500. All inclusive hosted hunts start at $12,995 plus international taxes and fees. Six tags were available for 2017. Bring a group! - Call Now.

Maine Guaranteed Lodge Tags - a limited number of tags only available from licensed American Plan Lodges may be available for 2018. Get on our waiting list for just $2,500. Fully guided hunt with American Plan accommodations is just $11,495. plus permit fee of $1,500. Call for more details.