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Maine Bear Hunt Dates & Rates


2016 Fall Maine Black Bear Hunt Over Bait:

$2,695. plus 9% state tax


Week 1 Aug 28 - Sep 3 (Booked)
Week 2 Sep 4 - Sept 10 (3 spots)
Week 3 Sep 11 - Sep 17 (3 Spots)
Week 4 Sep 18 - Sep 24 - Outdoor Industry Week

2017 Fall Maine Black Bear Hunt Over Bait:

$2,695. plus 9% state tax 

Week 1 Aug 27 - Sep 2 (10 spots)
Week 2 Sep 3 - Sep 9 (10 spots)
Week 3 Sep 10 - Sep 16 (10 spots)
Week 4 Sep 17 - Sep 23 - Outdoor Industry Week (invitation)

Reserve early to guarantee a spot during your desired week.

Add $900. for non-hunting guests. 
Add $300. Single supplement
Add $1,300 for non-hunting observers.
Add $300 for a morning Goose Hunt - 6 bird limit - September only.
Add $300 for morning Muskie Fishing Trip 
Add $1,800 for private one-on-one guide and transportation during the week

Stay at the Eagle Lake Sporting Camps 
or Village lakefront units. 
The rate includes American Plan accommodations including 3 meals a day, six nights stay, five days of guided hunting from modern tree stands or blinds, use of 5 watt private channel two-way radios for communication with the guide during the hunt, safety and hunting orientation meeting, and use of canoes and kayaks. 
 UA 300x250
Camo and scent control help ensure your success during a bear hunt. Click Image for OMM's Guide Tested Gear Suggestions. Order Now and be prepared! Buy coolers online below.

The guide will help recover and field dress your bear, drive you to the tagging station and butcher. He will also transport the hide to a local taxidermist.

Not included are transportation to the lodge, license & bear tag (about $182 for non resident), skinning, butchering, taxidermy, and gratuity. The butcher will handle skinning for around $75 and process, vacuum pack, and freeze the animal for around $1 per pound. He will also freeze the hide in a box or we can transport it to a local taxidermist. Client should bring a good cooler to transport the meat or insulated shipping boxes are available at about $30 each.

Available during non-hunting hours: Muskie fishing, goose hunting, ATV tours, fishing, trap shooting, archery course, boating, and conference rooms.

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Maine Black Bear Hunting